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Tales of Detective Super Skunk is a storybook and teaching module whose superhero is a rare and talented lavender park skunk born to combat evil and fight crime.


Tales of Detective Super Skunk is 8 x 10, cover-to-cover in premium color, and depicts volume one of the lavender park skunk in Atlanta Georgia who is called to save one of Atlanta’s most precious commodities; Atlanta pecans. The book is 41 pages and has large colorful drawings of the lavender skunk at rest and also transformed into as a super hero donned in a trench coat and wide brim hat, a chipmunk named “Timmy” who is Super Skunk’s sidekick, Super Skunk’s mentor “Old Mister” and sister “Sunny Day”, who has unusual powers, unbeknownst to her brother Super Skunk.


The book was analyzed by Renaissance Accelerated Learning Readability and found to have a reading level appropriate for grades 2-5 given the average word count, word length and sentence length.

Tales of Detective Super Skunk

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