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Safari of a Lifetime in Tanzania a children STEM and STEAM book by Monica Guillemin, Carla McMichael, and Jackson Hangai. These book is an entroduction to ecosystems and geography.

Video with excerpt:

Jackson Hangai a Tanzanian tour guide takes kids on a virtual safari through the Serengeti.  Children learn about ecosystems and animals in Serengeti National Park.
Carla McMichael, coauthor of Safari of a Lifetime a children book and introduction to echo-systems, ecology, geography where educators can take students on a virtual safari.

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The book Safari of a Lifetime an introduction to ecosystems, ecology, geography and Black Culture.  Written by Monica R. Guillemin, coauthor Carla McMichael.  An Expository transition storybook introducing kids to natural science. Written during COVID-19 quarantine for families to experience a virtual safari.

Published October 16, 2020

Trade Paperback Edition

Genre: Expository Fiction

ISBN:  978-0-9748715-6-1

LCCN:  2020906327

RPR: $16.99

Binding: Perfect bound

Page Count:  124