Vision Harmony, LLC is dedicated to publishing kid books, children books, and particurarly books for the transitional readers who appreciate STEM, STEAM, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Math).  BlackBooks, BlackKidBooks, and KidStemBooks are not just a great hashtag, these are subjects that not only influence children and enrich them, but are also enlightening and fun for the entire family.   

Books published by Vision Harmony Publishing are culture sensitive and enlightening. 

Black Books published by Vision Harmony Publishing, publisher Monica R. Guillemin

Featured Release


Carla and Monica in Tanzania

Monica R. Guillemin & Carla J. McMichael

Narration by Jackson Hangai

Published October 21, 2020

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Carla was smitten with the new boy on campus and Monica’s first week of school was in disarray.  But before the two advanced to the next grade, they concocted a plan that surprisingly takes them across four continents.  While the explorers have the time of their lives, they also see things they never, ever expected to see, and are forced to confront myths, fantasies, and unforeseen realities.

This expository fiction book is targeted for the reader who thinks science is boring, or STEAM students searching for a read with a twist and intrigued with teachable moments. The story is based on a real safari in the Serengeti of Tanzania, Africa, and is narrated by a popular Tanzanian tour guide.

Video with excerpt of book:

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