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A Rare Talented Lavender Skunk-Super Hero

A lavender colored skunk actually exists in nature!  But this skunk is a SUPERHERO!

The Tales of Detective Super Skunk cleverly introduces STEM and STEAM subjects to readers by using

expository fiction to transition from learning to read to READING TO LEARN.  

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A novel superhero character with superpowers to exploit the concept of “expository fiction” and cleverly introduce readers to STEAM topics.

Tales of Detective Super Skunk is a series of books written to engage introduce readers into STEAM and STEM topics. The books are written by noted author Barbara Satterfield who holds a rare lifetime teaching credential from Los Angeles Unified School District ("LAUSD").  The character "Detective Super Skunk" was created by Mrs. Satterfield's grandson Frederick Germany, II-film director and Monica Guillemin, physician associate.  The family, together with De'Nea Germany created a series of books based on the rare lavender skunk, whose color actually exist rarely in nature.   

The Tales

Detective Super Skunk is a rare and talented park favorite who encourages honesty and obedience while solving the mystery of missing pecans.  The book introduces rocket science by using simple aeronautical instruments to locate a lost baby robin.
Activity book for Super Skunk Original.  Word puzzles, character coloring pages.
Super Skunk comes to aid America in the fight against illness causinggerms.

Our Readers

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