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Published October 16, 2020

Trade Paperback Edition

Genre: Expository Fiction

ISBN:  978-0-9748715-6-1

LCCN:  2020906327

RPR: $16.99

Binding: Perfect bound

Page Count:  124

An expository transition storybook against the backdrop of a science pretest gone array.  A combination of culture & geography & based on a real safari in the Serengeti and narrated by Jackson Hangai, a popular Tanzanian tour guide.  121 Pages and 40 color images.

Safari of a Lifetime

Safari of a Lifetime in Tanzania a children STEM and STEAM book by Monica Guillemin, Carla McMichael, and Jackson Hangai. These book is an entroduction to ecosystems and geography.

Carla was smitten with the new boy on campus and Monica’s first week of school was in disarray.  But before the two advanced to the next grade, they concocted a plan that surprisingly takes them across four continents.  While the explorers have the time of their lives, they also see things they never, ever expected to see, and are forced to confront myths, fantasies, and unforeseen realities.

Against the backdrop of a science pretest gone array, two students learn the value of ecology on a safari in the Serengeti. While the explorers have the time of their young lives, they also confront myths, fantasies, and unforeseen realities of "the circle of life".

Carla McMichael, coauthor of Safari of a Lifetime a children book and introduction to echo-systems, ecology, geography where educators can take students on a virtual safari.

Explore Safari  Book Collection

Cleverly introduce students (and adults) to natural science, geography, Black history and culture, through the backdrop of a safari in Tanzania.  Expository fiction is an untapped and underappreciated genre exploited in Safari of a Lifetime.

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