Vision Harmony, LLC is dedicated to publishing kid books, children books, and particurarly books for the transitional readers who appreciate STEM, STEAM, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Math).  BlackBooks, BlackKidBooks, and KidStemBooks are not just a great hashtag, these are subjects that not only influence children and enrich them, but are also enlightening and fun for the entire family.   

Books published by Vision Harmony Publishing are culturally diverse and enlightening. 

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Black Books published by Vision Harmony Publishing, publisher Monica R. Guillemin
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Faces of Heroes

Release Date:   January 15, 2022

KC is an inquisitive youngster curious about his parents wearing a face mask to work. He and his older sister are biracial siblings with professional parents working during the coronavirus pandemic.


When KC learns about the dangerous virus, he wants to be a hero like his parents and dreams of a plan. He and his sister Isha recruit a fictitious skunk detective from the Internet.


KC's ingenious plan becomes the impetus for a homemade face mask phenomenon similarly experience during the coronavirus pandemic of 2020. 

Faces of Heroes is a beginning reader picture book that cleverly explain the reason for face masks during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Learn how to explain the reason for face masks to children and adults. Teaching COVID-19 safety.  Educating about face masks to prevent the spread of germs.The reason why heroes wear face masks and face protection.  #facemasks

Faces of Heroes is a beginning reader picture book that cleverly explains the reason for face masks during the pandemic.  With bright illustrations, the concept of expository fiction creates an introduction to planetary science and the solar system.  The book is 8” x 10” and 41 pages of colorful drawings.  Analysis by Renaissance Accelerated Learning Readability calculated the book’s reading level appropriate for grades 2-5 given the average word count (3,766 words), average word length (4.5) and average sentence length (7.8). 


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