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Welcome to Vision Harmony LLC, an independent book publisher focused on providing culturally diverse and enlightening children's books with a theme for STEAM and STEM. Our collection of books (and theme related art), combines captivating storytelling with educational themes in science, technology, engineering, art, and math to create a unique and engaging reading experience.

Monica R. Guillemin is a physician assistant & lawyer whose medical career expands across ob-gyn, emergency medicine, and neurosurgery, plastic & reconstructive surgery.  She earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Science, completed a post-graduate physician assistant surgical residency in trauma surgery and also earned a Juris Doctorate degree.  Monica first gained notoriety as a PA specializing in cardiology after co-authoring a research paper published in the Journal of American Cardiology and the Journal of American Academy of Physician Assistants on genomics.  She has penned two medical thrillers under the name of Monica R. Payton, based on stem cell therapy & cloning.  As an adventurist, Monica has braved several mountaineering and whitewater rafting expeditions and is an expert skier.  Monica makes her debut as a photographer in Safari of a Lifetime—a children storybook and companion photography book.
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Monica R. Guillemin, J.D., CEO

Vision Harmony, LLC

As the publisher and CEO of Vision Harmony, I’m committed to promoting diversity and inclusivity in children's literature and art.  Vision Harmony believes that all children should have access to stories that celebrate the richness and complexity of different cultures and perspectives.  Our books not only entertain, but also cleverly educate and inspire children to think critically and creatively.

One type of book that Vision Harmony specializes in is expository fiction—a form of writing that combines factual information with a narrative structure.  In our expository fiction books, we present complex scientific concepts and real-world problems in a way that is easy for children (and adults) to understand and engage with. By combining storytelling with factual information, we hope to inspire all people to develop a love for learning and a curiosity about the world around them.

​Whether you're a parent, teacher, or child, we invite you to explore our collection of books and discover the joy of reading and learning with Vision Harmony LLC.

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Canvas Art Published by Vision Harmony LLC
Canvas Art Published by Vision Harmony LLC


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Canvas Art Published by Vision Harmony LLC

Featured Books

Paperback book: Empowering Health

Empowering Health Through STEAM & STEM

Safari of a Lifetime

Tales of  Detective Super Skunk

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