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Vision Harmony, LLC is dedicated to publishing kid books, children books, and particurarly books for the transitional readers who appreciate STEM, STEAM, (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Math).  BlackBooks, BlackKidBooks, and KidStemBooks are not just a great hashtag, these are subjects that not only influence children and enrich them, but are also enlightening and fun for the entire family.   

Books published by Vision Harmony Publishing are culturally diverse and enlightening. 

Black Books published by Vision Harmony Publishing, publisher Monica R. Guillemin
An atom is the smallest particle of a substance that has all of the physical properties of that substance
The Republic of Tanzania’s own native, Jackson Hangai, uses his degree in tourism, and years of experience as a tour guide to introduce American youth to culture diversity during America’s COVID-19 public health crisis.  After Mr. Hangai teamed up with Vision Harmony, LLC, an African American independent publisher, to co-author a storybook featuring a safari in the Serengeti, Hangai’s treasure trove of the Tanzanian culture became an inspiration for a culture diversity platform designed to bridge the social justice crisis in America.
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