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A Physician Associate's Guide to Patient Education & Exploration


Aa clinical scientist, Monica Guillemin shares her experience and excitement of STEM and STEAM studies that could be used in urban schools’ curriculum to discuss ideas on how more expository fiction may be used to cleverly introduce science and art into literature.

     Monica Guillemin, J.D., noted physician associate, aka physician assistant (PA), novelists, and Barbara J. Satterfield, beloved retired LAUSD educator and children storybook author, discuss how to deliver simple science experiments for kids like the one featured in Tales of Detective Super Skunk, a storybook the team co-authored with other family members.

     In the book, the lavender skunk superhero solves the mystery of why “germs are festering in dirty hands.” The storybook cleverly introduces young readers to the basic fermentation process of developing disinfectants and soap, as a fundamental defense against contagious viruses like COVID.

     Experiments like learning how to make bath balms and volcanos are simple science experiments with household products parents and children can do at home. Additionally, readers learn about ecosystems, as depicted in Safari of a Lifetime, coauthored by Guillemin, Judge McMichael, and Republic of Tanzania’s own native, Jackson Hangai, from the tribe of Kura.

Empowering Health Through Stem and STEM

  • This new paperback book will be presented during the Black Writers On Tour, April 27, 2024. Come to Vision Harmony table or attend presentation Protecting Intellectual Property Rights.  

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